Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I refinance if I only save $100- a month?

A: Possibly. It depends on your goals and how long you plan on keeping your property. If you could reduce your rate and receive a credit for your closing costs then it’s beneficial no matter how long you keep your property.


Q: Can I refinance if my loan amount is higher than the value of my property?

A: There are loan programs available for property owners in this situation. There are also programs available for rental properties which most people do not know about.


Q: How can I purchase a home with a low down payment?

A: You can purchase a loan with a low down payment on various programs: FHA, VA, 3% down lender programs, ½ percent down programs, and zero down programs.


Q: Can I get a loan for the remaining term of my loan?

A: If you don’t want to go back to your original term, in many cases we can refinance your loan at a lower rate and your remaining term. For example, if you started 2 years ago with a 30 year loan and have 28 years left, we can refinance your loan on a 28 year term.


Q: What types of loan terms are available?

A: On residential, you can obtain loans from 40 years down to 5 years. Fixed rates, adjustable, loans starting out fixed for a period of years then rolling into adjustable. Also, you can obtain interest only loan payments for 3, 5, 7, or 10 years which then roll into an adjustable rate.


Q: How can I check the value of my home?

A: You can contact us, and we can look it up for you, but if you want to check yourself then we recommend zillow.com


Q: How long does it take to see if I qualify for a new loan or refinance?

A: It usually only takes a few minutes, and we should be able to tell you if you might qualify for a new loan or refinance.

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